For health-conscious enthusiasts READY to take their health to the next level:

“Discover how to get the exceptional anti-aging benefits of a low-glycemic diet without giving up your sweet tooth…!”

The picture here is of me, Bethanne, before and after embracing high raw foods, superfoods, tonic herbs and a conscious holistic lifestyle. I used to think that a healthy diet and lifestyle took more time, cost more money, and required a ton of effort in planning ahead. But, as I came to find out, I hadn’t found the “needle mover” – the ONE thing I could do that would give me what I wanted most: freedom in my body (from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mid-day exhaustion, excess weight, overeating, bad skin, hormonal imbalances…)

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 The ONE thing that I did to change my body so rapidly was to add superfoods into my life and the reason it was SO POWERFUL was that it inevitably helped me to gradually release my alcohol abuse, cigarette habit, synthetic hormones, fast food indulgences, factory-farmed meat, pasteurized unnatural hormone-infused dairy, and soda pop.

It’s the concept that’s in our book that helped me get my life back and lose the last 25 lbs (without going on some crazy deprivation diet or taking any pills)… and is why I partnered with my partner in love and business, Christian Bates, to wrote this book so YOU could experience the same life force, everlasting vitality and youth.

Do you experience:

- aging skin that’s maturing too quickly
– a lack of energy or feelings of exhaustion
– a hard time losing weight no matter what you do
– overwhelm in knowing how to incorporate the real superfoods
– stress from all the conflicting nutrition information & just want to find what will work best for you


If so, keep reading.

What I found is that there IS a way to easily, quickly, and affordably incorporate the real superfoods into your diet spending just 5 minutes in the kitchen every day.

I feel and look 10 years younger than I did 10 years ago… I’d say that’s some awesome results! (I’m a result-driven girl)

“I’m sharing this to show what’s possible for YOU!”

You have just found a resource where you can discover, THE MISSING LINK. Think “non-alcoholic, super low-glycemic yet sweet cocktail elixirs” that you can bring everywhere you go – night or day – for instant energy, a serious mood lift, and a continual infusion of nutrition for your hard-working body so you don’t get that tired feeling, especially the typical mid-afternoon slump.


We searched and experimented for years looking for a way to get a massive amount of nutrition into our diet – including organic superfoods, tonic herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, polysaccharides, and essential fatty acids into our diet in a way that would taste absolutely *mouth-watering* and that only took a couple minutes to prepare. The best things are worth waiting for, and we’re happy to say… we nailed it.

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Christian and Bethanne

Hi Everyone, it’s Christian and Bethanne.

The good news is, for most of our nutrition clients and customers, the adjustments that make the biggest difference in their health are actually very easy shifts that make a noticeable difference right away and cost very little to implement. Simple changes have the potential to yield profound results.

In our experience over the past 15+ years combined, we’ve found that if someone does the tedious work and research for us especially in our industry where controversy and confusion prevails, and it’s essentially ‘done for us’, then we can quickly move forward without distress. But, you still need to be careful who you trust.

We have learned to:


This cannot be underestimated. Look at the people who are selling you ‘health’ – do they look truly healthy, vital, and radiant?

Unfortunately, the fuzzy conclusions and strict diets that are marketed feel confining and un-appealing at best.

And so, because we are ruthless sticklers and do massive thorough research ourselves, we created the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to re-mineralize, cleanse, and nourish our bodies. And, with our Superfood Beauty Elixirs, you can do this all at the same time. You can indulge in our drinks while embarking on a juice cleanse, on a daily basis to ensure you get the nourishment your body needs without taking handfuls of pills, and even as an intensive therapeutic-style approach to balancing your bio-chemistry.

We’ve done the extensive research and development in searching out what’s missing from most deficient nutritional approaches (the raw food and vegan lifestyle included), tested it on ourselves at a super hard-core level, and created this eBook as a result.

We invite you to share in our nutritional breakthrough and treat yourself to divinely delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails, that offer the *sweet* without guilt – drinks that feed your belly just what it wants.



From the foreword by David Avocado Wolfe,
World Leading Authority in Raw Food & Superfood Nutrition

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David Avocado Wolfe

“Christian and Bethanne somehow got these delicious, healing recipes onto the pages in this book in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and apply their knowledge.”

“Anytime I imbibe an elixir created by Christian and Bethanne, I know I am experiencing The Best Day Ever! Christian and Bethanne are relentless students of the best health ever and are themselves health educators. Their knowledge of superfoods, and superherbs and how to mix them into delicious beverages is extraordinary. Yet even more extraordinary is that they somehow got these delicious, healing recipes onto the pages in this book in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and apply their knowledge. Over time, their knowledge will become your knowledge leading you to an awesome level of health and expanded awareness

Superfood Beauty Elixirs will do everything the title promises. You will learn all about superfoods and superherbs and how to liquefy them. This book contains an underlying theme of liquid nutrition. Turning a healthy portion of your nutrition into a liquid saves you time, money, and most importantly, energy — liquids are easier to digest than solids. How do you get the best nutrients ever into your body in the fastest and easiest way possible? Liquefy them! Superfood Beauty Elixirs shows you how you can use your blender and teapot to reach heaven.”


“This book has played a significant role in helping me to eat less, free myself from emotional eating, and heal my digestive sensitivities!”

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Jill Bickford

If you want to be overflowing with vitality and beauty on the highest plane possible – this book is a MUST! I create many radically beautifying and rejuvenating Elixirs from this cutting-edge book every single day! These Elixirs are the foundation of my diet and the nutrition I consume for ultimate health and beauty. You can survive on standard whole foods, smoothies, etc., but to truly THRIVE at our highest potential, Elixirs like these are essential! This book has played a significant role in helping me to eat less, free myself from emotional eating, and heal my digestive sensitivities! The outrageously beautifying, nutritious, and delectable recipes in Superfood Beauty Elixirs are an infinite blessing!

Jill Bickford, certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Natural Beauty Expert, and Founder of Living Earth Beauty (, the HUB for the most alive, pure, radiant skin and and body care online.


“Your e-book and tele-instructions have helped me to fill in the missing links…”

Just wanted to let you know how I’m soooo enjoying your e-book… You guys are nothing short of amazing!!! This whole concept is genius!!! Also, amazing to me is the fact that you chose a day (your birthday) where typically in our society we are accustomed to RECEIVING, to take the opportunity to GIVE such a gift!!!! That’s exactly what this is to me, an absolutely amazing, indescribable gift… My body was sooo ready to take it to the next level and I was somewhat frustrated in not having had the ‘how’ that revealed to me yet.

I was intuitively already doing some things along the right lines, such as mega HealthForce products, mega Ultimate superfood products, liquid nutrition days during the week, low glycemic creations, making nut mylks and coconut kefir (water and milk), etc., but your e-book and tele-instructions have helped me to fill in the missing links, and add variety and interest….. I am sooo excited, I can hardly stand it!!!! Reading back over this, I sound like a raving lunatic to someone not experiencing such vitality and awakening through superfoods!!! I don’t care though because I’m so in-tune with my body, that when it talks, I listen.

It is just my desire, as I know it is yours, that everyone experiences such truly nourishing food… HealthForce had already ”created the monster” in me, but you guys let it out of ”the cage”!!!! I wasn’t making the herbal tea concoctions like this. I was doing the loose tea thing, but not these amazing roots and barks, tonic herbal blends, but, I sure am now!!! Another thing I find amazing is that I, living outside of Nashville, TN, in a little, rural community where virtually everyone is addicted to processed junk-food, could have found my way along this path. Truly Amazing!



“Your book is in a class by itself, that something special can readily be seen!”

Frankly, I am not much on blended drinks in raw recipe books. I’ve come to view them as a cop out and really can make something quite good just by using what’s on hand in my raw kitchen. Blended drinks for me are usually a way to use up produce and odds and ends left over from yesterday’s meals. With practice, it’s easy knowing what’s going to taste good.

On impulse and vanity I ordered your elixir drinks eBook. I had not intended to! What a waste that would have been. Because… your book, it’s just great! There is something special that takes your concoctions out of the ordinary. By looking over the recipes I can tell that they will provide that beneficial boost that is missing from the drinks you find in the front of almost every raw recipe book. (Which after about the 50th raw cuisine book, I just skip over as they all sound alike.) Again, your book is in a class by itself, that something special can readily be seen! I’m going to be busy the next 3 or 4 weeks making the drinks every day!

In gratitude,


“I was pretty sure I had it all figured out, but Bethanne and Christian have introduced me to a whole new level!”

Bethanne and Christian are awesome! I am utterly inspired by their youthful enthusiasm and wisdom way beyond their years as well as their commitment to shift the energy on this planet. I have read literally hundreds of books and articles on nutrition and have refined my diet to one that is as pure, energizing and healthful as I could find. I was pretty sure I had it all figured out, but they have introduced me to a whole new level!

I have observed them interacting with people who are extremely conscious about nutrition like myself and those who are just beginning to explore beyond the standard American diet (SAD). I am really impressed by their thoughtful, gentle approach of meeting people where they are and making change as fun and easy as possible. I highly recommend them both and the wonderful work they are sharing with the world.



Your Health Will Skyrocket and You Won’t Need to Spend a Bunch of Additional TIME, MONEY and ENERGY to Make That Happen. Isn’t that a relief?

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So, if you’re looking for some quick and easy ways to deeply nourish your body on a cellular level without exerting tremendous energy, supercharge your metabolism for the long-term, and eliminate sugar cravings without giving up your sweet tooth, we encourage you to take a strong look at “Superfood Beauty Elixirs.”

We’re going to show you in detail how to get started using our proven, simple to implement strategy that will help you go from feeling pretty good, to feeling absolutely outstanding – more often than not!

Once you learn our time-tested strategy outlined in this groundbreaking book, you will know how to surpass your wildest expectations and leap beyond the level of health and wellness where you were feeling stuck before. Bust through the plateau and really up-level your health. We are here to grow and evolve and improve ourselves – and our health is certainly no exception, right? The better you feel, the more you can positively contribute to the world and the more energy you have for doing the things you love spending time doing. It’s a “win-win” for all.

To immediately DOWNLOAD your copy of this 97 page eBook,
Superfood Beauty Elixirs,
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for only $19.97

Click HERE to purchase the spiral bound printed copy on Amazon
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Get Your Hands on “Superfood Beauty Elixirs” and Discover How to…

Get super high amounts of antioxidants and infuse your cells with life-force

Nourish your body with whole food vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients

Make excellent adaptogenic drinks for building resilience to stress and tension

Revel in the natural aphrodisiac, mood-elevating, and metabolism-boosting effects

Ease your digestion and easily eliminate nutrient deficiencies without pain or struggle

Incorporate liquid nutrition that feeds your soul guilt-free AND nourishes your body

Drink, be merry, and feel really GOOD about your food and drink choices

Enjoy the flavors you did as a child, yet in a truly healthy, low-glycemic way that does not negatively affect your moods

Most importantly, just by taking YOUR health to the next level, you will inevitably inspire others around you to do the same. Begin to live as a healthy example and experience the most fulfilling feelings that come from embracing real health.


Table of Contents (a la menu)

Foreword By David “Avocado” Wolfe
Introduction: Q & A With the Authors


The Importance of Your Water Source
Ingredient Glossary and Sources
Appliances and Tools

The Coconut Water Kefir ‘How To’
The Super Tonic Herbal Tea ‘How To’
The Tonic Herbed Nut n’ Seed Mylk ‘How To’

Ginger Orange Soda Pop
Master Cleanse Kefir
Orange Marine Phytoplankton Kefir Slushy Soda
Spicy Ginger Ale
Vanilla Crème Cider

Aloe Noni Healer
Blue Manna Icy
Blue Manna on the Fly
Cherry Bright
Citrus Sea Cooler
Green Supreme
Immortality Cooler
Kids Orange Elixir
Liquid Butterscotch Candy
Morning Beauty
Orange Snow Breeze
Pink Limeade
Tropical Quench

Ancient Wisdom
Dark Vanilla Cherry Elixir
Lustrous Beauty
Magic Forest
Shilajit Coffeechino

Celery Garden Paradise
Cucumber Carotenoid Creation
Wild Grass Dream

Cacao Party Elixir Bowl
Chocolate Tonic Blendie
Nostalgic Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Tonic Ice Cream Dream
Autumn Earth Tonic Soup
Tonic Sourdough Onion Bread

Daily Menu Ideas: Sample Day 1
Daily Menu Ideas: Sample Day 2

About the Authors


Superfood Beauty Elixirs will bring a deep level of nutrition and satisfaction to your current nutritional strategy. They will enhance what you are already doing and allow you take your health to the next level!


You can’t lose with our 100% money back guarantee

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We know you’re going to love Superfood Beauty Elixirs. We’re so confident about the quality of this book, we’ll give you full access risk-free for the next 30 days. If you decide the book isn’t right for you, then you may request a full refund up to 30 days after your date of purchase.

That’s as strong as we can say it. We have spent 6+ months developing this recipe and guidebook and we KNOW you can turn your health around if you embrace this concept and take action daily. However, if for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings. No crazy hoops to jump through. FAIR ENOUGH?

What we’re saying is…


That’s what we said, DON’T DECIDE NOW.

Just download the eBook, read it over and try out our recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. If they don’t make you feel how we claim they will or if this progressive method of nourishing your body doesn’t work for you, your schedule, or your dietary approach, you have the guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have your health, you really don’t have anything at all.” All the risks are on us.

Here’s how to order right now!

To immediately DOWNLOAD your copy of this
97 page eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs, 

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for only $19.97

Click HERE to purchase the spiral bound printed copy on Amazon!
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You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

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Empower. Purify. Nourish. Believe. Your Potential is Irresistible!

Stay Inspired,

Christian & Bethanne

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